Alo!   Welcome to Boom & Birdy Bright, the one and only site for funk-a-lisious stuff with SpUnK!
We cater to you, the bizarre, the brilliant and the broke bon tons of fashion! Here you will find a mix of vintage and contemporary fashions
that are never trendy and always Unique. We carry a selection of sundry brands- some new, some old and some you've never heard of before;
supporting new designers and venerate those who have left their mark & making sure they contribute to yours.
When you purchase a piece here, there's a pretty good chance that you are the only one that has it.
Its individual and unique-just like you. And for us, thats all that matters. Or as we say here,
                      "If it isn't unique- it isn't chic!"
We want You to shine- shimmer, glimmer, and shine, alight as our own Birdy Bright!


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